The Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP), Inc. is a non-profit association of national government agencies, local government units, institutional organizations, professionals, students, and solid waste management practitioners who are committed to the proper management of solid waste for a sustainable environment.

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How Long Does It Take Garbage to Decompose???

From a sustainability perspective, answering the question of how long it takes various types of garbage to decompose is important. In fact, we should reduce consumption of products that generate waste materials that take a long time in landfills to get completely decomposed. As William L. Rathje and Cullen Murphy note in Rubbish! The Archeology […]

Examining the Arguments against Waste to Energy

Waste-to-Energy (WTE), the process of converting waste into energy, is growing in popularity as a preferable option to landfilling. It is also believed by many that the new developments in WTE technologies will change the entire industry. There are, however, some common arguments against WTE. This article attempts to point out some of the major […]

Zero Solid Waste Programs for Business More than Zero Landfill

When companies talk about Zero Waste programs, they often tend to focus on the Zero Landfill component rather than the more broad ambition of Zero Waste, generally speaking. The latter approach is more holistic in nature, supporting the redesign of resource life cycles so that the maximum value of those resources is maintained, and so […]

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